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Since the OSINT world evolves fastly, its tools and methods must be updated often.

The original project, osintframework.com, have not really been updated for a while now, so we decided to make our own version.

📦 -Requires installation.
💵 -Useless without purchases.
🌍 -Web-based.
📒 -Guide, tutorial or documentation.
🪙 -Useful even without purchases.
🧅 -Leads to an ".onion" website.
🧩 -Browser extension.
❗️ -Offensive-OSINT that might alert the target.
If you are interested in adding new tools to our list,
follow this tutorial. If a tool is outdated, let us now by creating a new issue on the repository. If a tool has a legend, name or url error, you can report it using the issue section as well.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to open an issue about it, contact us at @malfratsind on Twitter or on our Discord Server.